Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Month End Money Recap

How did your budgeting go this month? Make any changes? One big change I wish I could make would be giving up diapers times three! But right now that is balanced out by the fact that my girls eat so little it's like feeding one (except when it comes to snacks - then they can pack it in!).

We didn't make many changes this month but we did stick to our budget in most areas. We're still working on the eating out portion :)

One thing I plan to change in April is to try and stick with one store a week rather then 2. While it is fun to go to different stores for the best deals I do wonder if I'm spending more going twice then if I just go once and am done for the week. I do think one small BJ's run with the coupons they provide does help me round out what I buy on sale at Harris Teeter.

I am curious - do you just shop one store all the time or bounce from store to store for the best deal? From what I've read every store cycles and while chicken may be cheaper this week at one store it will be cheaper at a different store the following week.

So much experimenting only so many days in the week :)

Happy April and I hope you don't get fooled on April Fool's Day... Here's to another month with no credit cards and living within my budget. Not as horrible as it once sounded.

photo by emdot

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