Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding Freedom Friday: 2009 Goal Update

This week's Finding Freedom Friday on Cents to Get Debt Free is about checking yourself to see how your 2009 goals are going. Remember those? The ones we often make and rarely keep? I do!

At the beginning of the year I resolved to:

1. Spend $100 or less each week on groceries -

I have found that it averages out more like $125 because stuff comes up like the cat's food/litter and baby shower gifts like diapers which I include under here when I buy them on my trips but I am going to try and cut it down to $100 a week by sticking to one store unless another store has something SOO amazing I can't pass it up.

I've also decided to do Harris Teeter first every week with the Grocery Game that way I go to any other store second and only pick up the very best deals an item I might be lacking. When I go the other way around I definitely spend more. We also did a BJ's run tonight with coupons and spent about $100 on food which I will take off my monthly grocery budget and just supplement at the store each week - we'll see if this helps or hurts me long term (I'm always experimenting). I had originally also thought this to include going out but right now it doesn't - maybe as the year progresses and I have the best means to save money figured out!!

2. Pay $10 or less for dinner -

This we are very, very close on - a few go over but not many.

3. Pay down debt -

We're not wholly concentrating on this but I haven't added any new debt in months so it stands to reason that by the end of the year I will have paid off quite a bit.

4. Continue to buy brand name clothes but pay cash -

Yep! The kids are still in Gymboree and I've paid for it with the money I've made selling Gymboree. I am currently almost up to another $200 to use during Gymbuck redemption period which is in 2 weeks. I earned my $200 Gymbucks by spending $400 in Gymboree's store - all in cash and I have TONS to show for it as I NEVER pay full price. I'll post on that soon but generally I pay about 50% of retail at all times.

5. No more credit cards - check!

That's it! Those were my 5 big goals for this year and so far I am sticking to them as best I can. With my obsessive personality I check and re-check the budget just about every day and am getting a tad anal about where every penny goes and where it comes from. It's not as bad as it sounds - I feel a lot more in control of my money rather then the other way around.

I certainly hope you have been keeping your New Year's Resolutions! Can you believe we're already in the 4th month?!!


  1. Hi! I'm over from Phoebe's. I'm right there with you on the grocery portion of your post. I'm trying to keep mine as low as possible without sacrificing how my hubster and family likes to eat. And I'm shooting for the $100 mark for my weekly trips as well. So far, it's okay. The grocery store in our area is Kroger so for the past three weeks, I've been matching sales ads, coupons, and taking a calculator (which when run by children can get interesting!). It really is a Grocery Game, isn't it!? Thanks for sharing :)

  2. No more credit cards - woot-woot! That's awesome keep it up!