Monday, April 27, 2009

Possible Last Safeway Trip

Probable since my coupon didn't print even though I triple checked (pun intended) my purchases to be sure that I qualified for another $10 coupon but one didn't print so now I have to wait for them to decide I qualified and mail me one. So much for going back this week! I also didn't get another $2.00 water coupon so I'm officially done buying water :)

I spent: $11.11 - see why that $12 was important? Could've been free!
I saved: $35.86 (77%)

Don't let my experience stop you - you still have another week to head over to Safeway for the deals - you can get quite a few kids snacks for cheap. My kids love the Pringles sticks (PG 4/5 - $1.00 off) and the Pepperidge Farms snack sticks are really good too.

Lysol Wipes are a great deal too with the new coupon that was in yesterday's paper (S 4/26) - it's $1.00 off one instead of my previous coupon which was $1.00 off 2 so each pack of wipes was $1.50.

This week's meals:

Monday - chicken, broccoli and potatoes (it was good!)
Tuesday - spaghetti, salad and bread
Wednesday - creamy chicken enchiladas
Thursday - mom's night out
Friday - fettuccine alfredo with chicken - probably with broccoli
Saturday - meatloaf

The good news is that my monthly budget has run out anyway so now I'll stay out of the stores for sure!

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  1. Wow, that's too bad about the Cat's not printing. I had one trip where the $10 one did not print. I insisted that I had the right items & when they could do nothing I returned the items & got my coupons back and did another transaction with items that I knew worked. I've never had a problem with the water $2 Cat printing.

    This Safeway deal is addicting.