Monday, April 13, 2009

She Did Have A List

And it was a good one and of course, she posted it early - usually she doesn't post till Sunday. Figures. Would've been able to use 2 coupons that expired yesterday - darn it!! And then Rachel shredded one with scissors. Yea, crazy. Don't they know these coupons are sacred?! Okay, not quite but I find myself quite addicted to them and the more I use them the more I can't ever live without them.

Take this week for example -

I spent: $53.16
And saved: $120.84!!

I'm serious - how crazy is that?

Here's what I got:

(Not pictured: 4 12-packs of soda and 2 gallons of milk)

Great sale on No Yolk Egg Noodles :

Regular price - $2.29
Sale price - Buy one get one free - or $1.15 each
I had $0.75 off each one from hereWhich doubles to $1.50
Total for 4 bags of noodles: $0.10 (they would only double 3 of the coupons or I would've gotten like $1.50 more off but it made sense - I didn't think about it that way).

I will say that the Grocery Game did not have this coupon listed - I found it by checking other blogs namely Frugal in Virginia. I do find checking other people's deals helps as well though normally I don't have the time to track down every coupon. But this wee I didn't expect the Grocery Game to have a list this week so I was trying to do it on my own and came across this great coupon so it wasn't a total loss :)

This week's menu:

Monday - Easter ham with mashed potatoes
Tuesday - Crock Pot Chicken w/ Black Beans and Cream Cheese
Wednesday - Stuffed Shells
Thursday - Beef Stroganoff
Friday - MOPS sale - leftovers
Saturday - Chicken Parmigan

I also qualified for HT's gas promotion and got $50 in gift cards for gas. We're saving it to travel to Florida next month and that will be a big help. I also got a $3.00 off coupon for my next trip from the register - so my extras back total $53 which is exactly what I spent so I guess my groceries were free :)

How'd you do this week?

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  1. you seriously rock. i'm jealous. i did get my first free item yesterday. colgate toothpaste...It was on sale, had a dollar coupon and a doubler coupon and it was on sale for 1.96. :)I was excited. lol