Monday, April 20, 2009

Made It To HT

I ended up making it to HT yesterday even after my yummy dinner with Cherie. We had a great time and I paid cash I had set aside! No guilt :)

Here's what I got:

I spent $29.83
I saved $61.56

Here's the thing - my HT has been sending out $20 off your $50 purchase which has been wonderful but last night I had to go back for some more things to hit the $50 - what I spent is the absolute lowest I could spend and still use the coupon (my total before the coupon was $50.33).

Best deals this week:

Bagel-fuls normally $2.69 - on sale for $2.19 - used a $1.00 off coupon (Smartsource 4/19) - paid $1.19.

Shout Stain remover - $3.49 each - on sale for buy one get one free - both bottles had a $0.55 coupon on them (they did NOT double) but I paid $1.20 for each bottle.

Pop Secret popcorn - regular price $2.99 - on sale for buy 2 get 3 free - used a $0.50 off coupon - final price was $1.00 a box.

I have definitely found that some weeks are better then others. Last week HT had a large number of sales and this week not as much. But by going every week I stock up on the sales and have enough stored away that I don't need that much.

By buying what's on sale and not really what I "need" I ultimately spend less and as the weeks go on I'm actually spending less and less but I still have plenty of food to feed my family for the entire week. I rarely spend more in a trip then I used to whenever I ran in because I "forgot something" but now I go in with a purpose and buy what I need.

I do enjoy hearing what you all save so please continue to share!

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