Friday, April 24, 2009

Safeway Trip #3

It's getting easier the more I go. I even brought the girls with me this time. Fun times! They actually do surprisingly well at the store even though they do not ride in a cart or stroller. Generally I can't find out that works for three anyway and they don't like to stay in the cart even if I do. So they get down and walk behind or in front of mom. I just make sure they don't run into people or remove tags from the shelf (or other products).

Even with the girls in tow I was able to spend exactly $30 required to get my $10 back (before coupons) mostly due in part to my careful planning before I went. I added up the full price of the items to see how I could get as close to $30 as possible.

Here's what I got:

I spent: $9.96

I saved: $36.67 (77%) with sales and coupons - pretty much everything I bought I used a coupon from this past Sunday's (4/19) coupon insert so if you just saved last week's paper you can have the same outcome unless you don't have the $10.00 off coupon but still it's a great way to get it started since the promotion runs until 5/5

I earned: 1 $10.00 coupon and 1 $2.00 coupon plus another coupon for $1.00/2 waters so I got $13.00 back - ultimately I made $3.04!

I will also submit my receipt to Reynolds to get back $2.29 on a roll of aluminum foil (I bought 3 - I used 2 $0.55 coupons from this past Sunday's SS insert and the other I paid full price for) so that brings my "earnings" to $5.33.

You may be wondering if I will use all this water and juice :) Believe it or not we will. We go through juice boxes quite quickly around here and since I also babysit over the summer our juice box drinking does not slow down in the off-school months - in fact it picks up with more kids around.

As for the water, my DH keeps us amply stocked in our vehicles so that we will never go thirsty :)

This time I had no issues with printing the $10 coupon so I wonder if I did something wrong last time. I did ask the manager to double check my receipt both times - like I said I don't think the store workers really know how the deal works or how to tell what's actually involved but please be honest at all times - it really helps!! After all, we want them to keep doing sales and giving us coupons.

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