Saturday, April 25, 2009

Official Coupon Addict

It's official, I'm addicted. It's sad really - I know this to be true and yet I don't care! My cupboards are full - stuffed to the max and my husband is never again going to tell me we could use something lest I use my couponing to overwhelm him! He asked me for water well, he didn't know he'd be getting quite as much water as he got :)

Which brings me to yet another Safeway trip. They're too much fun not to keep going - that and the ground beef was on a big sale - 50% off and I was in desperate need for some (it's not on sale at HT this week or I would've waited for my regular day tomorrow).

I also received my coupons I ordered on Ebay so I went shopping with those - they were from that Unilever insert from 4/5 that I never got.

Also, we happened to be grabbing a small treat at Caribou Coffee tonight and they had our local paper free. When I grabbed it it had last week's coupon inserts which included $1.00 off Caprisun and $0.75 off the Pepperidge Farm Baked Snacks (which are very good, by the way) so I used those again.

And that's my tip for the day - when you're out and about keep your eyes open - you never know what you're gonna find! I've decided I'll send my DH to Caribou on Friday's to get a cheap cup of coffee and grab the paper for me :) I'll save more then he spends!!

Here's what I got:

I spent: $17.49 (because of the meat - it's not part of the promotion)
And saved: $41.94 (71%)
I earned: $14.00 back in coupons so my total spent was really $2.49 - so, yes, I'll keep buying the waters until they stop printing the extra $2.00 back! After all, these waters are great - the girls can drink from them because of the flip top and they're very easy to take along on really hot days.

Tomorrow... my Grocery Game trip at HT

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