Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diaper Tips

Since I just bought a few diapers at CVS I thought I'd share some of their deals this week. I don't normally shop CVS but I'm learning thanks to Cherie's encouragement. Hopefully she will soon share more about CVS shopping at a later date (if you're wondering where she is she just started a new full-time job but don't worry, she'll be back...)

Normally I buy my diapers from BJ's using coupons. Because BJ's has such a huge variety I have a lot of options there including Pampers, Luvs, Huggies and their generic brand. Monthly they send out coupon books - the past 2 have included $5.00 off Luvs coupons so I can get 180 diapers for $25! This will last be about 2 weeks but is a huge improvement over what it could cost me from a grocery store.

Tonight I went to CVS and here's why:

Jumbo pack of Huggies were on sale for $10.00 - $.99 off
Huggies wipes were on sale 2/$5.00

Coupons I had:

$1.50 off Jumbo pack of Huggies (x2)
$0.50 off wipes (x2)

CVS Deal: Spend $20 on Huggies and earn $5 in Extra Care Bucks (ECB's)

So, I bought 2 packs of Huggies and 2 packs of wipes (I have some baby showers coming up so this worked well for me) for a total of $22.25 with tax but I earned $5 back that I can use on other things. Ultimately it means I get the wipes free and pay for the diapers on sale - not too bad especially for one baby. Times three this wouldn't be enough to cover me for a week but as baby shower gifts - perfect!

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  1. Hey, although I don't have kids (yet!) I added your blog to the list that I follow. You have really helpful tips for being frugal! We are trying to pinch pennies where we can & save the extra for a trip to Europe.

    I used to try to do the CVS thing, but it got to be too much!