Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gymbuck Redmption Starts Today

A few of you think that's a foriegn language :) No, it's not - it's the beginning of my postings on brand-name clothes, why I think they're important, how to get them cheaply (i.e. NEVER paying full price) and how to re-sell them.

My favorite store to shop at for all my kids is GYMBOREE. I like Gap as well but they don't have the sales that Gymboree does and while their re-sale value is high their lines aren't clearly marked like Gymboree's are (I will discuss more about that later in another post).

Why I love Gymboree:

- the coordination and colors are just so great!!

How I pay for Gymboree Part I:

The best way to get the most clothes at the cheapest prices are to redeem Gymbucks. Gymbucks are coupons that you earn during an earning period and then redeem during a redemption period. During the earning period whenever you spend $50 you get a coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase during the redemption period. That's 50% off your purchase! You can collect as many as you want - if you have 4 Gymbucks that's $100 off a $200 purchase.

During the earning period you can do one of two things:

1. Buy clothes for your own child to wear for the coming season - this is basically what I do - I shop the sales with coupons to get the most clothes for the cheapest price while still earning Gymbucks - I then use the Gymbucks to round out the season or as in the case now to purchase clothes for the upcoming season at a drastically discounted rate - for example - I purchased 4 pairs of brand-new adorable sandals for $20 (total, not each)!!

2. Buy clothes to re-sell on Ebay at face value. If you spend $200 in the store, you put all those clothes on Ebay to earn back your $200 but you still get to keep your Gymbucks. Then during the redemption period you either purchase all your kids beautiful clothes at a very reduced price OR you buy clothes to re-sell on Ebay at a profit (more about that later).

If you already have Gymbucks, be sure to redeem them starting today through January 25th. If you do not have them check out Gymboree's site and look around to see how it's done and what you would have spent if the clothes you see were 50% off. I'd suggest starting in the sale and clearance section since the full-price clothes are still a bit high even with 50% off.

Stay tuned for Part II on Sunday - selling Gymboree on Ebay. I will begin listing my Spring/Summer clothes (yes, already but this is what's out in stores) so I will start to share how to list on Ebay, what information you need, etc.

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