Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's Get Personal

Before I post lots and lots more tips of how to save money I wanted to make a disclaimer. I am NOT a thrifty person by trade. I really love to spend money. Saving money is a difficult concept for me.

Why do you think I asked Cherie to join me?? Because I am NOT a natural at this and I know having her beside me will be my motivation to stick with it. To concentrate on spending less, to make it a priority.

My reasoning for this blog was partly to motiviate myself to stick with it and to really, really stay with a budget.

But what I've learned till now is that spending thrifty is FUN and ADDICTIVE. WHAT? Who would think that? But it is. When I get something FREE at the grocery store I am on cloud 9. So awesome. When I get a great deal, I am ecstatic. And I don't just mean a sale, I mean saving more on groceries in a week then I spent and still being able to feed my family. I mean finding the toy I had seen at full price and coveted at a consignment sale. These are the things that have become enjoyable. So, this year I want to live this way. Why should the retailers get my hard earned cash (or in our case my husband's hard-earned cash)? I need it for goodness sake!!

So, I am not holding myself out as some guru - you are taking this journey with me. You are my cheer squad to do it right and get it right. When I find a thrifty deal, when I pay off a credit card I'm gonna share and I hope that you will cheer me on! Because I'm cheering you on and I hope you share with me how you are doing because today it is more important then ever.

And now that I just learned the new law that takes effect on February 10th, 2009 about the legal limits of lead in children's products will not apply to consignment sales I can once again breath easy and look forward to sharing my Ebay tips with you!

Future topics include:

- CVS Shopping made affordable
- more of The Grocery Game - how it's done
- What's on Ebay? - follow me as I sell my kids clothes - find out how I do it and what I make
- Stay-at-Home Working Moms - lots of interviews coming from moms who actually make money at home doing things OTHER then selling Pampered Chef or other party based businesses (not that these are bad things but some of us don't like the whole selling thing)

Thanks for stopping by and do check back often...

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  1. I sure am glad you said something because I sell Pampered Chef! :) Not very successfully I might add, I do it because I absolutely love their stuff.

    I am cheering you on and trying to learn to live the same way! I am so thankful for your new blog.