Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Only Way To Go Over Budget!!

Wow!! So, I went a little crazy at Harris Teeter tonight :) Not exactly how you think. Tonight this is what I bought (not pictured - 3 gallons of milk and I did forget eggs so that's another $3.00):

Can you believe it? Covered my whole table! What did I pay? $151.83 Yes, I did go over budget (so I will spend less next week) but there were too many deals to pass up on. Though we are making one budget adjustment - since we are no longer eating out (at all) we are eating all 21 meals at home (or school/work but packed by me at home) and we are going through WAY more milk then ever - almost a gallon a day. We used to get by on 4 gallons a week so adding another three adds about $10 a week to our grocery bill and there's nothing we can do about it. So, I'm going to aim for under $125 - the extra $25 going for milk. However, I'm still aiming for under $100 but so far I haven't hit it :(

Want to know what I saved? $154!! I had a serious stack of coupons :) See the Rice Krispies? I paid $.50 a box. Capn' Crunch was a little more - $1.50 a box. And everything Quaker was on sale so I got cereal, granola bars, snacks and oatmeal all on sale with a coupon. I am completely stocked up on quite a bit of stuff.

So, besides cereal what am I making this week?

Monday - Pizza Sloppy Joes

Tuesday - Chicken Parmigiana with egg noodles and broccoli

Wednesday - Enchilada Bake

Thursday - Honey Roasted Chicken with rice and broccoli (sue me - I like broccoli)

Friday - Spaghetti (easy and cheap!)

Saturday - Tacos - hard tacos for the kids, soft tacos for the adults

Sunday - care group at church - kids eat there - adults scrounge but we should have plenty to choose from :)

While I don't recommend going over budget there are times where you will buy more then others - as long as it evens out in the end. Next week I will buy much less since obviously I won't need nearly as much.

I just wanted to second Cherie's post about Dinner Done! The food is fabulous!! Whenever I go I have a great time making the food and we have loved all that I've brought home :) Of course with 2 extra people we use the full meal making it a little more expensive for us but for the time you save it is truly worth it.

Ebay post tomorrow - we've already overloaded you for today :)

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  1. Great bargins! Keep buiilding that pantry and then you can just shop sales.

    I shop at one store where if you "save too much" they have to have a manager come and approve the sale, hence calling for the key. If I don't have to have them call for the key, then I haven't done my job. LOL