Friday, January 23, 2009

Would You Join Me?

I have been asked to be a contributor on a very cool site: Blissfully Domestic It's a great site with a wealth of information!

I have been asked to contribute to:

And I hope you will join me there - you can click on the photo above to take you directly to Multiple Bliss. Even if you don't have multiples be sure and check it out!

But here's the really cool thing:

It's right up our alley, huh??!! Some great money saving ideas there even if they aren't specifically fortriplets :) Be sure to subscribe to both so you can be updated frequently. But continue to check back here - there's still plenty to cover!


  1. Ok, ladies...I'm wondering if you could tell me your money saving tips for diapers and formula. I've got three in diapers and I know you know what that is like! (Though mine are all different sizes...) I have to get the Enfacare 22 for my little guy, so it will be harder to find. Thoughts?

  2. A quick question... on one of your posts, you mentioned that Harris Teeter had a triple coupon day. Is that a particular day of the week or a special event they occasionally run? I am a coupon cutter and the thought of triple coupons gets me really excited.

  3. Kristy - diaper answer is coming...

    3 Peas N A Pod - Harris Teeter has triple coupon weekend every once in a while - I am not sure if it's on a particular cycle or not. You can check every Thursday because when they do triple coupons - it's from Thursday to Sunday. I will post next time I see it come up - it's a big deal. HT also runs other specials from Thursday to Sunday so it's always good to check with them on the weekends :)