Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Store Or Ten?

How many stores a week do you shop?

Does it make more sense to shop every store and every sale or stick to one even though you might pay more?

I find this to be a tad frustrating and quite overwhelming. Within a few miles of me there are around 10 grocery stores including 2 Harris Teeter, 2 Giants, 2 Super Targets, Safeway, Bloom, Wegmans and Shopper Food Warehouse. To say I have options is an understatement.

The thing is I also have 5 kids! And 3 of them are the same age - there is NO way I can make it to every single store every single week. That would be insane even if I didn't go to the duplicate stores. The good news is that they are always competing with each other to lower prices. The bad news is this many stores is overwhelming and truly not money saving. Even using coupons I would surely drop a small fortune going to each store every week for their sales.

What do you do?

What works for me is to have one good store to shop while picking up a few sale items at other stores when it's convenient. Right now my main store is Harris Teeter. I love the people who work there - they are open 24 hours, they triple coupons and they keep sending me these nifty coupons for $20 off my $50 purchase so I keep going back.

But then I get these great ads from other stores and I am very tempted to head over to their store and pick up what is on special.

For example this week at BLOOM they are tripling coupons! Yea! They are also having an amazing buy one get one free sale.

Kellogg's cereal is on sale buy one get one free. In today's paper I received my RedPlum coupons - in it there is a $0.70 coupon off any box of Kellogg's cereal. At Bloom my coupon would triple to $2.10 - I can either get 2 boxes of free cereal or I can get 4 boxes at around $0.75 each. (Each box is reguarly around $3.59 each)

What a deal! Of course I'm going to go but I really can't hit every sale at every store. But if you do shop Bloom be sure to check them out starting Friday at 7 AM - great deals to be had this weekend.

What do you do? Every store or just one?


  1. Maybe you got an email about it as well... but I just had to share. is running a special until 2/28. $25 gift certificates for $2. We bought a gift certificate to Sal's NY Pizza in Broadlands and went there last night for dinner with our girls. It is a counter service restaurant with a dining area... perfect for 3 year old triplets (since we did not need to wait for a waitress to bring our check... not to mention... no tip!). It was fun going out for dinner for a change.

  2. I'm so happy to find this webiste! My sweet baby girl triplets were born 11/5/08. Hooray for discounts and info and those of you willing to take the time to share!

  3. I forgot to mention... the code for the $25 gift certificates for $2 is "DINE".