Saturday, February 21, 2009

What's On Ebay?

I came across this and thought it was too good to pass up! If you want to learn more about Ebay check this out.

I can share tips about selling kids clothes because that's what I sell and that's what I know. I buy and sell brand name Gap and Gymboree but I generally don't sell for profit or as a business. In other words, I don't buy new to re-sell to you at a higher price. I buy for my kids and then I sell it after we're done to make enough money to buy more for the upcoming season. But there are tons of other things to sell on Ebay and of course I can't know everything! Really? It's true :)

So if you want to learn everything you ever wanted to know about selling on Ebay check out: eBay Selling Coach and download her free ebook.

Be sure to check back here for tips on buying and selling kids/multiples clothes and leave me any tips you have - I love to hear!

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