Monday, February 2, 2009


For some of you this is a pretty simple concept but for others it may be new. The idea of stockpiling is pretty self-explanatory - you stockpile food. Wow! Big concept. No, the bigger concept is shopping for what you need when it's on sale and not when you need it. This way you're never paying full price - for much - there are things you're just going to need and that's life.

Tonight I headed out to Harris Teeter to do my weekly shopping (last night was the Superbowl - I was watching the game). Popcorn was on sale. I didn't need popcorn but it was $.70 a box with the coupon and we eat popcorn a lot so I bought it.

Stockpiling food is like stockpiling cash - you buy as much as you can for as little as you can and keep it for when you need it.

According to Terri Gault founder of the Grocery Game you should aim for stockpiling a 10 to 12 week supply. You can read a chapter from Terri's new book on stockpiling here.

But I'll break down some basics namely the 5 rules of stockpiling:

1. You can stock pile just about everything except milk and produce.

2. You should stockpile at least three months worth.

3. You decide what you stockpile (not surprising - who else would?)

4. You will stockpile almost every week (a few holidays there isn't much on sale - Christmas was pretty low). I know some people only shop once a month and eat all month and this is another method but I find I am saving a lot going every week and agree that this is the better way to go.

5. Keep track of your inventory so you know when you're low :) How easy would this be if you won the Smart Shopper from my previous post?

Why stockpile?

1. Saves time - you have a stockpile so there's less running to the store.

2. You have lots of meal options because you have such a variety of food.

3. You have variety - when you buy what's on sale you buy a lot of different things - we have tons of different snacks these days that we've never had before - tonight I bought Uncrustables something that's normally too expensive and a waste but hey, with a great sale why not?

4. You and the kids have some of the newest food since the newest products go on sale to get people "hooked" to their new product.

5. You'll have more nights off from cooking if you use coupons to purchase ready-made meals - not a bad deal.

6. Save money!

That's a lot of inspiration! Need more:

Tonight I spent $61.82

But saved: $78.19

One secret to my savings this week: My ALL detergent is free - has been for about 2 years now. Two years ago we bought a high efficiency washer and dryer - not only are we saving money on water and washing larger loads which cuts down on my laundry (14 loads a month - I swear) - I am also getting my laundry detergent free. Basically they mailed me a coupon book for free detergent. I just pick up a few when I need it and I'm good for a while. I have actually stockpiled my free detergent that I'm good for another year or so. Each bottle does 30 loads - I do half that a month :) My high efficiency washer and dryer is paying off in so many ways!

Terri Gault's book Shop Smart, Save More can be purchased through for $10.39 (all info here is from her free chapter on Amazon).

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