Saturday, February 28, 2009

Month End Money Recap

Wow! Another month gone already. Soo hard to believe. How have you been with your budget this month? Made any changes?

- We have not put any money on the credit card - woo hoo! This is a big deal :)

- We canceled our cell phone plan and have switched to a pay-as-you-go plan - we have been paying $85 a month to have 2 cell phones - mine died three months ago at least - I say died what I mean is slobbered on so much it no longer works (hazards of three 2-year-olds) - so essentially we have been paying $85 a month for Kirk to use his phone for maybe 20 minutes a month. We have so many rollover minutes we could talk for a week straight and not run out! Obviously we were paying too much for what we had. So, big savings monthly for us.

- Got a few free books from my swapping - one being the Coupon Mom and the other on being a Cheapskate - I'll share my thoughts on those next month but it's been fun reading :)

- Learned something new about - you can search for the coupons you need. I know I'm a tad slow - there's a tab there that says "Grocery Coupon Database" - I know it's there but I've never thought about using it to search for coupons. But you can! I shopped at Safeway this past week - spent $50 - saved $60 - but I wanted to see if I had coupons for some of the things on sale so I started searching through all my coupons - took forever. Then I went to the Coupon Mom to the database and typed in Quaker Oatmeal (it was on sale) and up came a list of where I could find the coupons! It's magic :) I am definitely going to use it in the future for shopping at stores other then Harris Teeter.

What about you? Any budget changes this month? Any tips to share?

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  1. Seven ways of stealing from budget

    2. "Guarantees".
    In the state budget of 2007 Uah 4,7 billions expenses had been claimed. Those money had been guaranteed to one large state company that should repair roads. What was possible to take had been taken. We are speaking about $1 billions credit that should be secured by state guarantees - ostensibly roads lining and improving. Credits been taken, roads "repaired".