Friday, February 6, 2009

What's On Ebay?

I know it's been a while but maybe you've had a chance to check out some things on Ebay and see if you have anything to sell. It certainly is a quick way to make some extra money or in my case make the money I need to pay for the girl's summer clothes.

I thought I'd share how I've been doing on Ebay.

Ebay does have it's ups and downs - it is an auction site so your item will sell for what someone else thinks it's worth regardless of what you think it's worth. Some sellers choose to list their clothes with a starting price of $0.99 due to very cheap insertion fees (what Ebay charges you to list an item on their site) but I generally start at $9.99 because even if the auction doesn't go up I've at least made $10 on the outfit.

The insertion fee for $9.99 is $0.35 so I can't justify lowering my price $9 to save maybe $0.15. This will have to be a personal choice if you choose to sell on Ebay. Some buyers only look for items beginning at $0.99 in the hopes of getting a great deal but since I've actually paid $0.99 for a few items I just can't see it. Maybe someday I'll be brave enough but not yet :)

Here are some samples of what I listed:

This set is from Gymboree - starting price $9.99 - selling price $9.99 - not thrilled about it but at least I don't have to split what I've made with someone else through a consignment sale.

This set is from Gap (one of my favorites) - starting price $9.99 - selling price after 11 bids - $29.99. I have 2 more listed now - both already have bids though the auctions don't end until Sunday - one has a single bid and the other has 4 bids and is up to $18.50.

This was the girl's Easter from last year from Gymboree - I had 4 of them because Kaitlyn had one too. If I remember right I paid $35 a dress. They sold for: $25, $26, $33 and $41 totaling $125 so ultimately I paid $15 for their Easter dresses last year.

I have sold 10 outfits for about $220 averging to $22 an outfit - dresses and outfits included together. Not too bad for my side job. It's certainly enough to buy the girls some summer clothes.

Try it out - let me know how you do. More tips to come...


  1. Ummm... can you post a link to your listings! Cute clothes!

  2. Hey! I am on your same-age triplets site, and a fellow tightwad :)

    I was wondering if you have ever sold any boy clothes on eBay. I have 3 boys and haven't ever listed anything, because it seems like there is just a better resell market for girl clothes...what do you think??

    Love the site!