Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Raising Multiples

Is expensive! Large families aren't cheap either but when you have 3 at once you begin with a large family and have no chance to "grow into it" over time. Right now I pay between $60 and $75 a month for diapers and wipes. Cheap in comparison to the first year when I spent close to $400 on formula alone! Not to mention I went through at least twice what I do now in diapers.

But a lot of you know all that :) It's a big part of the reason I started this blog - to share how I'm saving money to feed and clothe my family.

Beyond food I have to clothe my girls (and my older 2) on a fairly regular basis. As you already know I like to dress them alike and buy nicer clothes when I can. Besides Ebay I have a found a great place to buy and sell my multiples clothes and products as well as some of my older kids clothes:

Raising Multiples

They provide a same-age triplets/quad group for you to join for support. The support and friendships made through that group have been wonderful for myself and Cherie (we're in the same group since our triplets are 3 days apart). But they offer more then just support. They also offer a triplets/quad flea market group which brings together moms of triplets or more of all ages so they have a chance to sell down their items.

You do have to be quick if you want something because it sells fast but it really is a great place to pick up matching clothes and often coordinated clothes if you have different sex multiples. I highly recommend it as a great money saver for multiples!

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