Thursday, May 21, 2009

100th Post - Fun Coupon Tips

I can't believe we've posted 100 times :) I've had a great time learning more about couponing and saving money - I hope you have too. The Grocery Game has been an invaluable tool. I really love not having to do the work and still save money.

Today I thought I'd share a few fun tips on couponing and hopefully you will find them helpful:

1. Always remember your coupons! Even if something isn't on sale but you need it and have a coupon you will save money.

2. Keep triplets (and other small children) away from coupons - I have lost some because of this and it wasn't a pretty sight :(

3. File your coupons away in the most convenient method for you - I file them uncut in an accordion folder - I don't cut them till I need them.

4. Once you need them and cut them out have a system for bringing them along to the store - I try to arrange my coupons in order that I will use them in the store - this saves me quite a bit of time and makes it easy to find my coupons. After I arrange them I put them in a yellow notebook I have in the pocket so I always no where to find them.

5. Have a place for your coupons once you find the item on the shelf - I put them in my left pocket as soon as I put the item in the cart - I NEVER wait or I will forget - do it immediately!

6. Make sure you empty your left pocket (or other storage place) completely when you get to the check-out. I have failed to do this and forgotten to hand over a coupon before - I was so disappointed that I have always remembered since.

7. Buy duplicates of the paper so you will have as many copies of the good coupons as you can - you won't regret this ever!

8. And this may make you a fanatical couponer (I know I am!) - check out blogs and lists and coupons sites before you go - plan, plan and plan again so you will have everything in place when you go. Go without kids when you can - they sure do ask for stuff that's not on the list :)

9. Give yourself a break - sometimes you forget a coupon, sometimes you just need something or want something - it's okay - it won't kill you (usually...)

What about you? Any tips you'd like to share?

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