Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have You Signed Up?

I know I have mentioned Kraft Foods before and this is a great place to sign up for free recipes, their free magazine and lots of Kraft coupons. You have gone to for your Kraft coupons right??

But have you signed up for Dinner Made Easy?

How about Betty Crocker?

Or Bisquick?

All of these are great places to go for coupons and recipes and sometimes you will even get free offers in your e-mail for things. Like yesterday I got an offer for a free Fridge Friend that will stick to my fridge and allow me to menu and grocery plan. Not bad just for giving them my e-mail! Plus, they have links to great coupons from Betty Crocker and I can always use more coupons :)

Also today ONLY get a FREE pack of hotdogs from Oscar Meyer.

Just head here and sign up.

If you're wondering I am back from CO - had a nice time and paid for everything with cash - that felt great! Even if it does mean my DH has to work tons of overtime to make up for it - kidding! I will be posting from FL for a few weeks so I won't have HT updates but I will be using the Grocery Game here with my mom in FL.

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