Monday, May 4, 2009

Safeway Trip - Again With The Issues

I think the Safeway blinkie machine hates me - it really does. Why do my coupons not print? By a major miracle I received my $10 and $2 coupon from my transaction last week. The Catalina people were very nice and agreed that I should have received my coupon. I was hoping against hope that it would print this time. Apparantly I should have followed a readers advice and returned my items and gotten my coupons back.

Doesn't matter - the promotion ends tomorrow and I got basically all that I wanted that I had coupons for. Of course, I can always use more free stuff but I guess everything else will have to wait.

Here's what I got:

I spent: $8.84
And saved: $30.45

I should've received a $10 coupon and I thought I would also get $2 off my chocolate purchase but that didn't happen either - aagh! It's possible that that promotion was not running in my area but still the chocolate should have qualified for the LWFG promotion. Hopefully I did qualify and then Kirk will have $10 worth of free groceries while I am gone to FL. I still have to feed him after all :)

And they were out of Deer Park water - I had a rough night!!

Coupons used:

Hershey's dark - $1.00 off one (S 4/19)
Ronzoni Smart Taste - $1.00 off two (S 4/5)
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes - $1.00 off one (S 4/26)
Softsoap Body Wash - $0.75 off one (doubled to $1.50) from here.

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