Saturday, May 30, 2009

Month End Money Recap

Can you believe it? May is basically over! This month has been extremely busy for me - for Cherie too I know.

We went from VA to FL to CO within a week then I'm back in FL and my DH is back in VA. Crazy! All while trying to stay on a budget!

Fortunately I think we did quite well. It's been hard for me because I'm less in control of the numbers - I haven't seen my money program in almost a month so I don't know what we spent on groceries in May but I'm pretty confident we stayed under our $500 budget.

We did not use our credit cards for another month which still amazes me considering just how much traveling we did and all on cash - yea :)

Goals for June:

Spend even less on groceries - I'm trying to establish a weekly budget for everything - not just groceries in an attempt to spend less. Rather then break everything into certain categories I'm going to set a weekly goal to include everything for that whole week except gas - Kirk has to get back and forth to work regardless of the gas prices!

Get back to work :) Every summer I babysit a friend's two daughters (so, yes, over the summer I have 7 kids) and once I'm back from FL I am back to work. The extra income will pay us back for our trip and pay down some debt.

Sell some stuff - my DH is working on this now but I really want to get lots of things gone.

What about you? Any new goals for June? Or even the summer?

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