Friday, May 8, 2009

Traveling Cheap

This is basically all I will see tomorrow. I have to agree with the photographer's comment that the drive from VA to FL is basically this dull. It's an incredibly long road but at least we don't get lost!

While driving is certainly cheaper then flying there are still expenses. Like gas - who budgets for filling up their car three times in one day? Or food - eating out 3 times in one day!

Rarely are these types of expenses avoidable but this time around I am determined to spend $100 or less to get all the way to FL with 5 kids.

Sound impossible? I've done a little bit of planning to make it so:

1. $50 in gas cards from the Harris Teeter promotion - a whole tank free!

2. $25 in gas cards from my bank after redeeming some rewards points - love this! For every 3,000 points I can get a $25 gift card and since this is not a credit card I never have to worry about not paying it off - free money :)

3. Bought the kids breakfast at the store using $10 store coupon - free muffins.

4. Printed my KFC coupons which means a free meal for both Kirk and I at lunch or dinner leaving us with one full price meal for the day.

Only having to purchase 1 tank of gas (already budgeted) and minimal food should help me reach my goal.

This is good for me - it really is! Last trip I didn't give the cost of the trip a second thought. This time around I'm thinking carefully as to what I spend and on what I spend it on. After all, the less I spend while on the road the more I have to spend while on vacation!

And speaking of that I will be offline for a few days as I travel to FL and then to CO for a writer's conference.

Cherie has promised she will post in my absence so look forward to her posts next week and when I get back to FL from CO (confusing right?) I will be introducing my mom to the Grocery Game and spending less to feed me, my kids and my parents!! Looking forward to challenge - stay tuned...

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

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