Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frugal Millionaire

I came across this article in Yahoo! News:

I really like what it said. I may not be a millionaire (certainly not now!) and I may never be but everything the article said could be applied to any of us making any amount of money.

I like to write and my favorite characters are those that aren't what they appear to be - you know superheros - people think they are ordinary (idiots?) people and truly they aren't. We, the audience know their secret and that is part of the fun. And so, in life I'd much rather HAVE money in the bank then APPEAR to have money in the bank all the while charging up my credit cards. Because truthfully I will NEVER be a millionaire if I spend all that I make and charge the difference. Credit cards only make credit card companies rich - never the users.

According to the article even millionaires (the frugal ones):

- buy on sale

- use coupons to get the best deals

- buy clothes off season

- plan their purchases and don't buy on impulse

- eat meals at home to save money

- don't splurge when going out

- buy used cars!

No wonder they're rich - maybe we could all learn a little something :) It pays to have money in the bank!

Photo by AMagill

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