Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coupons Make The Difference

There are many days that I wonder if coupons are making a difference in my actual total. I mean, I buy a lot of things on sale and it's sometimes hard to tell what my coupon savings are versus my VIC card savings. It says on my receipt I know but still I wonder if it makes a difference.

Well, tonight I am quite sure that the coupons saved me a lot! Of course, triple coupons do help quite a bit. Tonight my VIC savings was only $29.49 - not bad and a year ago, even six months ago that would have been acceptable but not anymore.

Here's what I got:

I spent: $37.15
And saved: $88.89 - and even if you're not a math geek you can clearly see that's more then twice my VIC savings so using coupons I took an additional $51.74 off my bill! I used a $20 store coupon and the rest was manufacturers coupons - some $1.00 off and other triple coupons. The point is with just a little bit of coupon clipping I saved more then $30!

Ortega products were my best deals - using six $0.75 off two coupons from S 4/19 that tripled making the salsa $0.75 for 2 and the refried beans and seasoning mix free! I do like free :)

Kellogg's cereal was also a great deal - they were buy one get one free - normally $3.65 a box - down to $1.83 a box - I then used $1.00 off each box coupons from making each box $0.83! Sweet - even if I do have a lot of cereal already.

I also used triple coupons on kids yogurt - we go through quite a bit of it so even if it wasn't on sale it was still a good deal!

Want to be inspired even more?

Check this blog out - just proof I have even more savings work to do to feed my large family!

I Am A Money Magnet Button

Check out her savings and spending on her side bar - it's amazing! Maybe by the end of the year I'll have that figured out and do even better :)

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