Tuesday, January 12, 2010

$0.50 Price Point

I was hoping for more like a $5 dollar challenge but I couldn't resist a few extra sales so I ended up spending: $14.53 borrowing $10 from next week's grocery budget. Considering what I got I'm not unhappy about it:

I saved: $66.52

With the exception of the cat food all items were $0.50 or less. The right bites were on sale 2/$5.00 and I had 9 $1.00 off 1 coupons that doubled to $2.00 off. Coupons were in this Sunday's paper.

That deal wasn't on any list but some of the other deals were on the updated Grocery Game list. A big advantage to the Grocery Game is that she puts out a complete list on Sunday mornings to include that weeks coupons and for this week it was sure worth it. I have already used quite a few coupons from Sunday's paper.

I highly recommend heading back at the end of a good sales week to see what's left and pick up rain checks where you can. They were out of tortillas (which would have been free with a coupon from this Sunday's paper) but I got a rain check for the sale price and with the coupon they will be $0.50 in future weeks so I'm okay with that.

Okay, I'm staying out of the grocery stores for a while - I swear!!


  1. Hi Dorinda,
    I read to start your blogs every day recently when i was looked your article in bullrun observer. I was quiet impressed, but you are too frugal. You are not giving any chance to other customers to buy. I am not criticizing you, but don't act like selfish.

  2. The items in this picture were purchased on the very last day of the sale at 10 at night so the sale was essentially over - I was picking up everyone else's leftovers! At other times during the week I picked up a few boxes of each item. I agree it is not helpful to clear off the shelves when you go but on the last day there's no one coming behind me!