Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My First Super Doubles Trip

This was my very first trip to HT during Super Doubles. I had to tote along one of the boys (which I really prefer not to do) but I still made out really well. Thank goodness HT gives out balloons and cookies to the little shoppers!

I spent: $23.17
I saved: $56.33

The only items I purchased without a coupon were the Little Debbie Honey Buns (they were on sale and are a very hot item in my house right now) and the 1/2 gallon of Orange Juice.

Some of my favorite deals:

Spider Man Vitamins
regularly: $7.79
sale price: $3.89
-$1 coupon/RP (doubled to $2)
Paid $1.89 for "character" vitamins (which my boys love)

Johnson & Johnson bath products (powder, shampoo, bath wash)
regularly: $4.25
sale price: $3.00
$1 coupon (R/P and Internet printable) (doubled to $2)
Paid $1 each

Baked Lays Potato Chips
regularly: $3.79
sale price: $3.50
$1 coupon/RP (doubled to $2)
Paid $1.50

Ore Ida Fries/Tater Tots
Regularly: $2.69
$1 coupon (Internet printable)
Paid: $.69 each

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