Saturday, March 20, 2010

Awesome Deals At Giant!

The deals were light at Harris Teeter this week which was good for me since I didn't want to spend much as I approach the end of the month and because Giant is having an amazing General Mills Catalina promotion.

Right now if you spend $20 on certain products you get $10 back. For all the match-ups head to Moneywise Moms.

Here's what I got tonight:

Transaction 1:

I spent: $10.92
And saved: $10.57
And earned: $10 Catalina back

I used 4 printable $0.50 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix coupons from HERE.
I used 1 printable $0.60 Bisquick coupon from HERE.
And $0.55/2 Toaster Strudles coupon from HERE.

Since the $20 is based on shelf price and not sale price it is very easy to hit the $20. For example the Toaster Strudles are actually $2.99 but on sale for $2.00 - you can buy 6 boxes and hit $18 towards your $20 goal while only spending $12. Adding coupons saves you even more.

Transaction 2:

I spent: $2.24
And saved: $20.05
And earned: $10 Catalina Coupon

I used 3 $0.80 off 2 coupons from which doubled to $1.60
I also used 1 $0.50 off cake mix and icing from which doubled to $1.00

In my second transaction I had to get an override because it's possible that all my items were free and I was only paying the tax so it's possible that you may have to add other items in to go over the $10 when you go back through but this is a great way to stock up on items you use every day! I know I will be going back several more times this week.

Thanks so much Moneywise Moms for the heads-up!!

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