Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rolling Your Extra Care Bucks

I've written a lot about CVS over the last few months but I wanted to do a post to show how I roll the extra care bucks from one trip to the next.

First trip (3/6/10):

I spent: $1.69
And saved: $15.97
Along with coupons I used $8 ECB's from a previous trip.
I earned $10.99 in ECB's.

Second trip (3/13/10):

I spent: $1.31
And saved: $20.55
I didn't have coupons for this trip but I used the $10.99 ECB's from my last trip to spend so little on my 4 packs of Pepsi products. I also earned $3.00 in ECB's.

Third trip (3/17/10):

Today I took my $3 extra care bucks and headed back to CVS.

I purchased 4 boxes of Stayfree Pads with each box I can earn $2 more ECB's.

I used 2 buy 1 get 1 free boxes of Stayfree from RP 1/3
I also used 2 $1.00 off printables from HERE
I used my $3.00 ECB's from last week.

I spent: $3.12
And saved: $12.38
And earned: $8.00 in ECB's which puts me right back where I started a few weeks ago :)

In three trips I spent: $6.12
And saved: $48.90 (an 89% savings!)
And earned: $21.99 in ECB's

This is how I get a lot from CVS for a little. As you can see it's not immediate but it is worth it. I try to only go in when I can get an item free or close to it. By going weekly I can stock up some great household and even food items free.

For great weekly match-ups at CVS be sure to check out Southern Savers.

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