Monday, March 1, 2010

Menu Planning 3/1

Two themes this week: Ham and Taste of Home cookbook :)

Ham was on sale this week at HT. I maybe could have spent less on meat but I have been dying to have this soup with ham that I made over Christmas so when I saw a huge ham at half off I decided that would be our meat for the week. It was still $15 of my week's budget but it will be worth it as it will be the meat for the next week. Next week I'll pretty much have no meal plan since I will be working a local consignment sale all week and won't be home to cook.

This week I found recipes from 2 Taste of Home cookbooks but this was the main one and is brand new:

I'll let you know how I like the recipes from it next week.

Monday: Pork Loin with baked beans and corn (no recipe)

Tuesday: Ham with potatoes and carrots (no recipe just baking the ham)

Wednesday: Cheddar Ham Soup (TOH Simple & Delicious p. 124)

Thursday: Moms of Multiples Club Meeting

Friday: Set of for yard sale - fast food

Saturday: Quick Calzones (TOH Mom's Best p. 77)

Sunday: Ham 'n' Cheese Pasta (TOH Mom's Best p. 74)

In order to have all the ingredients for this week's meal and Friendship bread (I had no idea the darn thing required so much stuff and I never bake except from a box so I had to get everything!!) I took a trip to Safeway. I thought I would use some coupons and do well but I came home disappointed.

No picture because I didn't even feel like I got any good deals to pass along.

I spent: $51.15
And saved: $22.06

Sad right? And because of a trip to CVS I am already $150 into my monthly budget! Yikes! Thankfully next week will be light since I won't be cooking :)

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