Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Consignment Sale Goodies

Today was shopping day at Classy Kids. Three times a year I get 2 hours to myself to shop for the next season's clothes along with a bunch of other goodies. Some sales I find a lot of great stuff and other times I don't do as well.

Today I did okay according to me. According to Kaitlyn and Caleb I did fabulous! They were thrilled with the few little things I picked up for them:

I was most excited about some beautiful dresses I picked up for the girls.

They were too - they've already worn them even though I thought they were nice enough for Easter! At least they looked cute.

Total consignment cost of purchase: $177.83
Total out-of-pocket: $31.83

Because I volunteer I get reimbursed for my hours which allowed me to take $96 off my purchase plus I had a $50 gift card that I won for volunteering at the last sale.

I guess I can't complain after only spending $30 on everything :)

And the sale last Saturday was very successful - I was able to get rid of more than $350 worth of items! I get 80% of that so more than enough to cover my purchases today. Of course, some of it had to go to expenses like babysitting and eating out but still, so very worth it.

Still have 2 more shifts at this week's sale and another sale next week but for both purchasing and getting rid of consignment sales are a great idea so be sure to look for some in your area.

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  1. I need to sign up to volunteer! Thanks for the motivation. Great finds too!