Saturday, February 6, 2010

Organizing During The Snowstorm

Wow! We here in VA are covered in snow! Completely buried. I've lived here for more than a decade and I've never seen this much snow especially not two big snow storms in one season. To say we've spent a LOT of time indoors in the past few months would be an understatement.

In some ways it's good for the budget - we can't go out to eat or spend money at any stores - but it's often not great on the mind. For me this is probably a direct result of bed rest. I remember spending weeks on end doing nothing, being stuck inside. Before bed rest this might have seemed appealing - a great break - do nothing, be lazy. But now, now it's different - a few hours on the couch and I'm itching to move.

And what better way to get moving then to clean out the clutter! Especially in February when OrgJunkie is hosting a 28 day organizing challenge and Amy at the Finer Things is also hosting a decluttering challenge!

I will say that I have not counted what I've gotten rid of so I guess I will have to start with the items I sell/donate from here out. Of course, I may give myself a 50 piece buffer after the sheer amount of stuff I've already thrown away!

I do know this year I've gotten rid of:

- 13 books by swapping
- 20 books by donating
- 3 large Little People pieces
- 1 large bag of winter gear
- 3 pairs of my shoes
- 2 sweaters I never liked
- 5 bags of random pieces/trash - like I said I didn't break those out or count them

The fact that the multiples sale is the beginning of March is just another reason why I had to get started on ALL my clutter.

Want to see the before?

Oh yea, it's bad! The basement has begun it's transformation :) There are ALL the toys in my house. We have cleaned them out of every room and now we are sorting. If a toy has all its pieces and we want to keep it - great - we will find a place for it and store it well. If we don't need it and it's all together it will be sold at the upcoming sale - otherwise it will be thrown away or donated.

We have already thrown away bags of trash and my pile for sale items is growing every day. Not only will this bring in extra cash but it will clean out my basement and make enjoying the toys much easier for all the kids.

So in addition to building forts, watching movies, playing games and playing with toys we are organizing our home. This way come spring cleaning time the house will already be clean and I will be ready to get out rather than spend any more time inside!!

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