Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Potty Party Sponsored by Huggies and House Party

I had the very cool privilege of being chosen by House Party to sponsor a Potty Party to help my kids want to use the potty. While Julianna is well on her way Rachel and Alyssa aren't even close so what better way to encourage them then to have a party?!

Unfortunately, we got the stomach bug all weekend and were not able to host the party. I was way too sick and could not risk spreading our germs. But I was able to get some pictures of the girls checking out our package goodies.

The girls were checking out the Potty Song on-line - they liked it a lot :)

We got some really cool mats for them to practice the song on.

I took some pictures on Friday when I thought Alyssa was feeling better.

Rachel seemed to do the best learning the dance :)

While I was disappointed not to be able to host the actual party I'm excited to hand out some goodies to my guests who wanted to come but just couldn't :)

I'm hoping to host another party with another sponsor soon - it's fun, free and you get great samples, coupons and gifts that you get to share with others. How fun and cheap is that?

For more information check out House Party.

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